Animal Anatomy for Artists: The Elements of Form

By Eliot Goldfinger

From the writer of the vintage Human Anatomy for Artists comes this hassle-free reference advisor that includes over unique drawings and over seventy photographs.
Designed for painters, sculptors, and illustrators who use animal imagery of their paintings, Animal Anatomy for Artists bargains thorough, in-depth information regarding the main in general depicted animals, awarded in a logical and simply understood structure for artists--whether newbie or comprehensive expert. The e-book makes a speciality of the varieties created by means of muscle tissue and bones, giving artists a very important third-dimensional figuring out of the ultimate, complicated outer floor of the animal. Goldfinger not just covers the anatomy of the extra universal animals, resembling the pony, puppy, cat, cow, pig, squirrel, and rabbit, but in addition the anatomy of various wild species, together with the lion, giraffe, deer, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, elephant, gorilla, sea lion, and endure. integrated are drawings of skeletons and the way they circulate on the joints, person muscle mass exhibiting their attachments at the skeleton, muscle mass of the complete animal, go sections, pictures of reside animals, and silhouettes of similar animals evaluating their shapes and proportions. He deals a brand new and leading edge part at the simple physique plan of four-legged animals, giving the reader a vital conceptual figuring out of total animal constitution to which the main points of person animals can then be utilized. The bankruptcy on birds covers the skeleton, muscle tissues and feather styles. The appendix offers pictures of skulls with impressive horns and antlers and a bit on significant floor veins.
exceedingly thorough, jam-packed with crucial details, Animal Anatomy for Artists is a definitive reference paintings, a vital e-book for everybody who depicts animals of their art.

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