Vision and Meaning in Ninth-Century Byzantium: Image as Exegesis in the Homilies of Gregory of Nazianzus (Cambridge Studies in Palaeography and Codicology)

By Leslie Brubaker

This e-book facilities at the reproduction of the Homilies of Gregory of Nazianzus produced in Constantinople round 880 for the emperor Basil I as a present from the patriarch Photios. The manuscript contains forty-six complete web page miniatures, so much of which don't without delay illustrate the textual content they accompany, yet in its place offer a visible remark. imaginative and prescient and which means in Ninth-Century Byzantium bargains with how such conversation labored, and examines the kinds of messages that photographs may well show in ninth-century Byzantium.

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Rno rd (1977). tt. '3 . '" AfM/ogeti("W Mllior: PG 100:7 forty eight; ! fan<. Travi. ('984), forty five. Simil. , ",n,im. nl> look in John of Dam"",u •. 'Again" Iha", who "tt"ck divine imagd [. ' 7 and m. ll (~d. Ka " . ' [1975], nine J. sick; Iran •. And .. ,. ,n [1 9801. >5. 72); Throdorc uf Stoudian (l'>. rry [19891, 1]1-(71 ): ond th~ Am of ,h~ 787 Council (M. n. i XIII. l1oE-u,A, lj1e, 19oA: tr. ns. S. h", I'986. J, 6 1, sixty nine, 10j). Correspond ingly. •h~ Council caunt. pink inveu iv.... ag. in .. paimjng by way of no' ing , he illogic of cond. mning painters yet no, ""ibes; guy. i XI1J , 149A: hotel •. Sah ... ('986. ). eighty one. 17\ A"ti"h"iC~1 III. j: PG ,oa:J81-J84: Mandlli n· B. udin~' ('9'10)' IR8 - '90: Trav i, ('984), 411 . 17. 'Again" tho .. who m ack divin~ im"ll'" 1. four j (. eleven. 4'); cf. 1. fifty six (. n, 51): . d. Kotter ('971) , Ij I, Ij9; 'ran>. And. ""n ('980), )8, H. Sec >. I,. , , h. 787 Council: Man,i XIII. 169B. 180A. :l IlA (wriling> are '. nimale ico n,·). 348C-D; " ,n •. S. h.. (198601). ninety eight. IOj . ')1 . ,6:l. For . fourth. cen,ury eumpk,:ICC Grq:ary "f Ny.... a ways wham Ih .... crcd snapshot i. '. ilcnl ",ri plUre ,h. , . peaks from the w~I1' (PC forty six ? 37C-74aA). In Letter af81 four f'om Mich . eI II ond Theophila. m Louis ,he Pia",: MGH Con";! i" A,vi MTo! ini Ih. 471>-479: heeman ('9R5). 100-105· Vision and m~aning in ninth·untury Byzamium that anyon~ 'who accepts the wri tte n acco unt will unavoidably settle for the images as wdl'. 178 PhOl ios l. a. ter endured during this related vein: ' Does a guy hate the instructing through pic tures? Then how might he now not have formerly rejected and hated the message of the gos pdS? '179 the categorical rdationship among pictures, spee<:h, and texts therefore turned an important factor of discussion in the course of Iconoclasm. ISO Iconoclasts similar to John th e Gram marian Slressed the primacy of writin g over sight,181 whereas the iconophiles stumbled on pictures both resembling, or extra strong than, speech or texts. Superiority of visible over written witnesses was once implied early through Cappadocian fathers sueh as St Basi l,182 and reiterated via. between others, Anastasios of Sinai within the 7th century, 183 and Nikephoros, Theodore ofSlOudion, and Phorios within the 9th . Nikephoros argued that 'we all understand that sight is the main honoured and beneficial of the senses and it may well enable apprehension of wh at falls und er percepti on extra incredibly and sharply [tha n spoken wordSJ'. IS' He held that whereas speech should be dislOrted , visible representatio ns remained pricey and special; pictures, consequently, have been the extra rrustwonhy records. ISS Tho ugh much less fascinated about arguing this actual case, Theodo re maintained that written money owed have been of necessity in response to what the autho r had noticeable; the visible thereby implicitly took preceden ce over the writte n. 186 Photios, who drew generally on ea rli er discussions, awarded an impassioned plea for the primacy of sight in 867= Martyrs have suffered. , . an d thei r reminiscence is conuinNl in books, those deeds thq a r~ alw visible appearing in images. and portray pre~nts th e martyrdom of tho~ bles~d males extra vibrant ly to our knowlNlge ...

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